How to display Construction Class elements with different symbology

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How can I display Construct Class elements in a View with different Symbology, to help distinguish between Primary and Construction elements?

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 Use A Display Rule

  1. Open the Display Styles dialog
  2. Create a new Display Style or select an existing one for Edit.
  3. In the Display Styles dialog select the Display Rules icon next to Display Rules drop-down List, to open the Display Rules dialog.
  4. Create a new Display Rule Set (or pick existing) and create a new Display Rule
  5. Select the default Condition 'Always Applies' and in the Condition Editor dialog pick the Property 'Class' (Element>Elements Common Properties>General>Class)
  6. Select '=' and pick 'Construction' from the drop-down list followed by OK
  7. Add a new 'Action' and change the 'Symbology Overrides' to those required.
  8. In the Display Styles dialog select the newly created Display Rule
  9. Apply the Display Style to the View


Option 2 Use A Dedicated Level

  1. Open the Level Manager dialog
  2. Create a new Level 'Construction'
  3. Set the Construction Levels Symbology:(ByLevel or Overrides)
  4. Set the Color, Style, Weight as required for the Construction Class elements
  5. Place or Move all 'Construction Class' elements onto the Level 'Construction'
  6. Optional: In View Attributes apply 'Level Overrides' if set in steps 3 & 4

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