Detailing Symbol position (above or below)

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Area: Detailing Symbols


In MicroStation Detailing Symbol is placed by default below the drawing. How user may change Detailing Symbol position? Instead of setting it below, change its position to be above the drawing?



Possible solutions for setting Detailing Symbol above the drawing:

  1. You can create a drawing boundary first in sheet using Place Drawing boundary tool at that time we allow user to select the place where to position the drawing boundary then in Create drawing dialog you could use this sheet and drawing boundary to fill it.

This  article may be helpful.

  1. Another option – you can create your drawing seeds accordingly in dgnlib – similar steps above ( …\Standards\Dgnlib\DrawComp\MetroStationDrawingSeed.dgnlib) where the drawing boundary in sheet is placed as per your choice. Then using this seed your newly created sheet and drawing boundary will be as per your choice. You need to repeat steps from the 1st point.
  2. Else you can move (manually) the drawing boundary after it is created: