13b. How to model a 60 degree mitered joint in AutoPIPE?

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Mar. 2015


How to model a 60 degree mitered?

In this modeling approach assumed that 3 cuts will be used yielding a bend with angle of cuts = 10 deg, 20 deg, 20 deg, 10 deg.


Use the following steps:

1. First model a simple 60 deg bend (locate points 1 and 2 in your model and enter a Bend radius value)

2. Modify the bend component,

a. Choose Bend Type =  Close or Wide (use AutoPIPE help to determine which option is applicable)

b. Cuts = 3



This modeling approach can be extended from 1-9 cuts as needed. These cuts would be create equal angles with the 2 end cuts equal to 1/2 the angle of a whole piece. See AutoPIPE's modeling approaches help section for creating other custom mitered bends   

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