Unable to Install STAAD.Pro onto a prior and existing version

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Environment: ALL
Area: STAAD.Pro Download/Installation/Security/Performance
Subarea: Installation
Original Author:Global Technical Support 



I am not able to Install STAAD.Pro on a machine where there is a prior version of STAAD.Pro exists. What can I do ?



Make sure Windows OS was updated followed by uninstallation of pre-existing STAAD.Pro with Connection Client. Also do not forget to uninstall any components / applications supported by Structural SELECT Entitlements. Once done, start a fresh installation.

STAAD.Pro creates a number of auxiliary data files in the same folder as the STAAD model. If any of these get corrupted or locked up, the model may fail to accept a new component(s). Sometimes these may cause  the software to be crashed. These happened to a number of users, but not all.

If you still cannot install STAAD.Pro, please get in touch with Global Technical Support.