What Products are Included in the Bentley InRoads Suite V8i download?

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When I download and install the "Bentley InRoads Suite V8i" product from the Software Fulfillment center,  what products are included?


The following products are installed during the InRoads Suite download and installation.  Also included is a general overview of the content of each product:

InRoads Suite - Comprehensive product that includes all commands from the products listed below, and also includes Drainage and Bridge commands.

InRoads - Includes all commands with the exception of Bridge, Drainage, and Survey commands.

Site Suite - Includes all Surface, Survey, and Drainage commands, and most Geometry commands.  Includes Template commands and the Create Linear Template.  Does not include the Create Corridor command. 

Site  - Includes all Surface commands and most  Geometry commands.  Includes Template commands and the Create Linear Template command.  Does not contain  Survey or Drainage commands.  Does not include the Create Corridor. 

Survey - Includes all Survey and most Geometry commands.  Includes limited Surface commands.  Does not include Drainage, or Corridor Modeling tools.