How to log a Case for review using AutoPIPE Vessel?

Follow these instructions to log a New issue occurring inside of AutoPIPE:

1. With AutoPIPE Vessel open, select HELP > Online Resources > Technical Support

2. A Internet browser should open and automatically load the following Web site where the user will be asked to Sign In with their Bentley Communities credential. Press "Sign In" button to continue.

Note: If you cannot log into Bentley, perform one or more of the following:

a. Contact your company's appointed Bentley On site Administrator, request access to log a service request.

b. Confirm User name and Password entered are correct. All Bentley websites use the same credentials to sign in. Press Forgot Password as needed.

c. New Users must sign up for an account by pressing the hyperlink Sign Up Now.

d. If both the above fail, contact nearest Bentley office, and speak with an analyst about web related issues, including login and password

3. When the Web page appears, select the New Support Case:

4. Next select:

Note this issue WIKI is focused on logging a new issue about a problem/concern inside of AutoPIPE Vessel

5. After pressing Technical Support, click the bottom "Log in with Bentley IMS"

6. Now, fill in the form as required, add attachments and press "Submit" button to continue.


1. If user is not listed. located company appointed Bentley On-site Admin, explain to them that user XYZ is not affiliated to their organization, Due to privacy policies Bentley Support cannot add user XYZ to the account, Bentley On-site Admin must use instructions: to Add a User, and to Manage user roles.

2Choose the correct Priority as defined by Bentley, select the ? next to the Priority setting to see a list of definitions.

3. If the product is not indicated in the Dropdown listing, then enable the check box for Full Catalog. After enabling this check box a full listing of Products and Product listing will become available.  

7. After pressing Submit button, you will transferred to your Home > My request page with this new case opened. You'll have the opportunity to send more more information / attachments on this requested case.  

+++ Important +++

  1. All emails that are sent to that are not formatted correctly maybe lost and never responded to (Select Link here.)
  2. As mentioned in the link above, the subject must contain the associated formatted CASE number and must be in the To or CC addressed field

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