Custom Linestyles are appearing as a solid

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: Custom Linestyles
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Custom Linestyles are appearing as a solid line when zoomed out of a
view when the lines are placed. If the lines are placed when the view
is zoomed in, the custom linestyle appears. Why is this happening?

Product: MicroStation
Version: V8
Area: Custom Linestyles


What is happening is that the lines may have more than 5000 iterations.
Therefore, any linestyle with more than this iteration number will
display as a single continuous line. There are a couple of ways around

1. Increase the linestyle scale when placing the line.
2. Make the line length shorter
3. Use the key-in: CHANGE LINESTYLE SCALE <(><<)>scale factor> on
existing lines and have the scale factor large.