RAM Elements - Importing From RAM SS [TN]

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 Product(s):RAM Structural System, RAM Elements (Ram Advanse)
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 Area: Import/Export

This TechNote pertains to the direct one-way link from Ram Structural System into Ram Elements. For information about using ISM to synchronize products, see Integrated Structural Modeling.

Importing a RAM Structural System database file into RAM Elements


  1. Open RAM Elements Go to File (e menu) > Import > RAM SS (full model)… -or- File > Import > RAM SS (lateral model)…
    1. “Full model” is referring to all the members in the RAM Structural System that are flagged as “gravity” and “lateral”,
    2. “Lateral model” is referring to only the “lateral” members being imported. When the lateral only model is imported, the members that were defined as lateral are loaded based on the RAM Gravity analysis (see What’s Imported > gravity loads below), and in addition to the directly applied loads, the gravity member end reactions will be applied to the lateral members as point loads.
  2. Browse to Find the RSS model, select it, and click [OK].
    1. The RAM SS file must not already be open.
    2. The version of the model must match the currently installed version of RAM SS.
    3. It may take a minute or a few minutes to import the model.

General Notes on Importing

Foremost, RAM Structural System divides the model in gravity members and lateral load resisting members. In RAM Frame, gravity members transmit only vertical reactions to the supporting lateral members and provide brace points). They do not get considered further in the RAM Frame analysis. In Ram Elements (Ram Advanse) there is no separation of gravity and lateral members and the behavior of the structure is analyzed all together (when the full model is imported).

What’s Imported?

Nodes, Members and Shells 


What’s Not Imported?

Nodes, Members and Shells


Other limitations and differences 

These differences can significantly affect the results, even for a model that is imported into RAM Elements (Advanse) from RAM Structural System