Structural Navigator

Review Structural i-models on iPad, iPhone, or Android

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Structural Navigator is the ideal app for the mobile review of 3D structural models. Structural Navigator allows designers to view, query, and mark up structural models in 3D from anywhere using a mobile device. The current version is available for iOS and Android devices. The release notes for the latest version can be found here.

With Structural Navigator users can:

Structural Navigator reads Bentley’s i-model format, to which any ISM repository can be easily converted with a single operation.

The process is simple. Build a data-rich ISM repository using any Bentley ISM-compliant applications desired, convert the ISM repository to i-model, and then review in Structural Navigator. Structural Navigator can read models from STAAD, RAM, SACS, AECOsim, Revit, Tekla, and ProStructures, once they are converted to i-model.

Creating and Viewing an ISM Model on iPad/iPhone 

Step I: Creating an ISM Model

The starting point for all the models that you can view in Structural Navigator is an ISM repository produced from any of your desktop structural products. This video shows how to create an ISM model from just one of the many ISM enabled applications. All ISM enabled applications function in much the same way.

Step II: Publishing an i-model

Starting with an ISM model the free Structural Synchronizer desktop application is used to create the i-model which can be saved locally and also published to the Bentley Cloud Services Personal Share space. The i-model can be sent from the desktop to the Apple device any number of ways. Using the Bentley Cloud Services Personal Portal is the simplest way.


Step III: Viewing i-models on iPad

On the iPad/iPhone the i-model can be opened by selecting the file in any of the delivery systems (email, DropBox, etc.) and choosing to open with the Structural Navigator App. Files may also be opened by simply starting the app, and opening the file from the Personal Share.