Projects cannot be opened

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:Project Management
 Subarea:Project Manager

I have inaccessible projects with a red circle-slash symbol on them (or they are grayed out in promis.e 2007) in Project Manager and no pages are listed when I select those projects.

This indicates that although the folders exist and are recognized as project folders in the Project Manager, the corresponding information for the projects is not being found in the project database.

The following scenarios all result in projects being inaccessible:

In Bentley Substation and promis.e V8i SELECTseries 1 and higher, holding the mouse pointer over the name of an inaccessible project in Project Manager will often reveal a tooltip describing the reason the project is inaccessible.

In addition to the drawings, there is project information stored in the database. To effectively share project data, all users need to point to the same project database.

If the data was originally created in one database, it needs to be transferred to the database [Setup] is configured to use. See [[Moving Projects]]. Alternatively, if both databases are hosted by the same SQL Server, it may be appropriate to use the Multiple Databases Project database strategy introduced in SELECTseries 7

To point the software to a different project database, go to the [[Setup]] dialog and specify the desired server name and database in the Project Database area. The default database names are:

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