CONNECT Advisor error when MicroStation is started

 Area:CONNECT Advisor


User gets the following error message when MicroStation is started.
CONNECT Advisor: Error while processing the feature launch event.


Please download and install the latest version of CONNECT Advisor “Bentley CONNECT Advisor (MultiLanguage) 32-bit Version 08.11.09.*”

Steps for clean uninstall
•  Close all Bentley Applications that are running
•  From the “Programs and Features” section of the Control Panel, select CONNECT Advisor and click “Uninstall”
•  On Starting uninstall, on the screen that is shown, Click Next to Continue
•  A confirmation dialog will be shown, only after clicking “Uninstall”, the actual uninstallation will start
•  Uninstallation of CONNECT Advisor will begin and complete.
•  Reboot machine
•  Install latest version of CONNECT Advisor

The uninstall and install procedure is available in the attached installer guide

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