ISM Import Tekla Structures

 Product(s):Structural Synchronizer; Tekla Structures
 Version(s):V8i or CONNECT edition
 Area: Import/Export

Tekla Structures is an ISM enabled product. This page covers the basic steps to generate a Tekla Structures model from an existing ISM repository (.ism.dgn file). For further support of the ISM Tekla plugin, please contact Tekla.  

Tekla users are encouraged to obtain the latest Tekla ISM plugin from the Trimble Solutions - Tekla Warehouse. Additional videos and documentation are also available there. Phase 2 of the link is compatible with Structural Synchronizer CONNECT edition and Tekla Structures Version 18 through 21 and 2016i.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Create a new Tekla Structures model
  2. Go to the menu > Analysis and Design > A & D Models…
  3. Click Import New
  4. Browse to the ISM repositories location and select the model and click OK.
  5. Click Import
  6.  If not already selected, pick "Create new from repository" select the environment and any other options. Click OK.
  7. In the dialog that opens, browse to the ISM repository you want to import and open it
  8. When Structural Synchronizer opens all of elements in the model will be set to Added and Accepted. Click Update to create the repository.
  9. After the model is imported click Cancel in ISM Synchronizer and Close in the Analysis and Design Models dialog.

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