opentower KB

New Features and Updates

Monopole Reinforcement and Connections

It’s a new feature implemented for all the supported types of poles such as Tapered, Stepped, and Hybrid poles in OpenTower Designer. It has been implemented for all the TIA design standards (EIA/TIA-222-F, TIA-222-G, and TIA-222-H). The monopole reinforcement calculator is also added to allow user to create new reinforcement sections. To access Monopole reinforcement, go to the Section Detail page and navigate through the Reinforcement and Connection page.


Shroud and Conduit

The user has a provision to use the Shroud or Conduit type of encasement for the feeders. This is achieved by creating a different type of continuous attachment from the UPT or include in the standard database.  Both shroud and conduits are implemented for monopoles only. The feeders referring to the shroud attachment will be shielded from the wind load calculations and will be included in the Ra factor. Only the self-weight of those feedlines will be considered.

Tower Profile Page - The Tower Profile page has been updated and includes the tower weight (for SST and monopoles) in tower notes, monopole reinforcement tables, and updates to the logo and address details.