Remove the dash prefix from device tags

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Why are there dashes in front of the device tags on symbols and how can I remove them?


The dash, or hyphen, is the identifier character for the device tag.  The default complete device ID format as displayed on a page would be:


Which may appear as, for example:


This format is an international standard.

Steps to Accomplish

To remove the hyphen or change it to another character:

  1. Select [[Options]] > Project Options > Display Formats
  2. Click the Edit button next to an applicable Device ID Format. 
  3. In the resulting dialog change or remove the hyphen character from the Identifier field for Tag. 

The Identifiers for Installation and Location can be changed or removed as well. 

Installation, Location, and Tag can be displayed on separate lines on project pages by using the Enter key to separate the items with carriage returns in the Complete ID Format expression on the Device ID Format dialog.

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