Setting up software for use in two different locations

 Product(s):Bentley Hevacomp
 Version(s):V8i (N/A)


It Is possible to set up Bentley Hevacomp software to make the transition from using it in the office to using it in the home as easy as possible.


These methods require a client only installation of Bentley Hevacomp software.

Regardless of where projects are stored there should be a Hevacomp Projects on the root of the C:\ drive or in your Documents folder.

This folder may not contain projects, but it does contain some control files and information about the software. As most companies usually store project files on a server, it is likely that the software is currently set up to do this. When disconnect from the network, this will cause issues.

The following steps will help with setting up home and office modes, and transitioning between them.

  1. Ensure the software isn't running
  2. Use Windows Explorer/My Computer to navigate to the root of the C:\ drive
  3. Locate the Hevacomp Projects folder and rename it to Hevacomp Projects (work)

  4. Start up the software. This should start the configuration process
    There should be no need to modify the "Change Main Paths" page
    Check "Regional Defaults" to ensure settings are correct
    Check "Customer details" to enter you company details
  5. Close the configuration screen
  6. The software will now ask for your user log in details (initials and name) - enter these and continue to the opening menu of the software.
  7. Exit the software
  8. Use Windows Explorer/My Computer to navigate to your C:\ drive where you should see a Hevacomp Projects and a Hevacomp Projects (work) folder
  9. Make a copy of the new Hevacomp Projects folder and name it Hevacomp Projects (home)

The following folders should now be extant on the C:\ drive,
and you software will be set to 'home' mode:

   Hevacomp Projects      Hevacomp Projects (home)       Hevacomp Projects (work)   

To switch from 'home' mode to 'work' mode

Copy the contents of Hevacomp Projects (work) into Hevacomp Projects

To switch from 'work' to 'home' mode

Copy the contents of Hevacomp Projects (home) into Hevacomp Projects

You should consult with your IT department as to the best method of making projects available to run in Home mode and also how best to get them back into your system afterwards.

This information is provided as reference only.