How to Install Bentley Substation

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Steps to Accomplish

Installation Steps for V8i:

Please refer [[How to download the Bentley Substation software]] for detailed steps on downloading the Setup fro Bentley Substation. 

Note: The below steps assume that you already have the necessary setup

1. To Install Substation, double click on subs081113140en.exe

2. The Bentley Substation V8i Installer dialog will open.In this dialog one can choose from either of the two options. ‘Extract and install installation package’ or ‘Extract installation package only’.

Extract and install installation package – This option will extract all the necessary files from the executable and then begin with the installation.

Extract installation package only – This option will only extract all the necessary files.

Note: By default, for all the Bentley V8i software, the extraction of all the necessary files will be in a folder with the software name and version number in the C:\BentleyDownloads folder. Hence in this case the folder name would be Substation_08.11.13.140

3.Let the selection be on the first radio button for Extract and install installation package and then press OK. Once all the required files are extracted, the installer will launch and display the list of products that will be installed with the software.

Some of the important components that get installed are:

a. Bentley Autodesk RealDWG 2016: This component is essential for the basic ‘convert to DWG’ function in the software. While converting the .dgn files into .dwg this component will be used by the software.

b. Bentley DgnDb i-model Importer 64 BIT: This component is used when creating i-model files from the .dgn files.

4. Click Install to proceed with the Installation

The installer will then install all the necessary components as well as the software.

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