Referenced DWG to DGN Coordinates Do Not Match

 Product:MicroStation, 10.xx.xx.xx


Even when the coordinates in each file are correct when we attach the file the coordinates do not match.

When referencing a DWG file to MicroStation by default the setting for true scale is turned ON. True scale if ON, will take the units in the active design file and those in the referenced model are used to calculate an appropriate scaling factor so that reference scale reflects a true real-world scale. This will cause a problem because AutoCAD is deemed unitless by MicroStation it assumes Intl feet even if you set it to Survey Feet in AutoCAD.

Steps to Accomplish

1.  Reference the DWG AutoCAD file as you usually do.

2.  Turn OFF True Scale in the Reference dialog box.

3.  Set the Scale Factor/Ratio back to 1:1

4.  The DWG file will automatically synch to the correct coordinates.

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 Original Author:EC, Bentley Technical Support Group