Workspace and Standards Development for OpenRoads Designer

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer, OpenRail Designer, OpenSite Designer
Area: Workspace, Standards


Below is a series of OpenRoads Designer Administrator Configuration Training modules that provide best practices and steps for configuring the OpenRoads Designer software to meet the needs of any company/agency that is adopting the software.  These modules consist of informational and procedural videos that guide CAD Administrators through the process of configuring the OpenRoads Designer software from scratch (but will also include how to incorporate any existing CAD standards in the configuration).  The material is organized such that the CAD Administrators can select which OpenRoads Designer disciplines to configure based on their needs (Road Design, Site Design, Survey, Drainage, etc.).  

Topic Links:

01 - Folder Structure and
       Seed File Creation
08 - Materials15 - Superelevation Features22 - Sheet Seed Definitions
02 - Custom Line Styles09 - Display Styles16 - Surface Template Features23 - Automated Annotation
03 - Levels10 - Intro. to Feature Symbologies17 - Linear Features24 - Civil Labeler Configuration
04 - Element Templates11 - Intro. to Feature Definitions18 - Point Features 
05 - Fonts and Text Styles12 - Alignment Features19 - Mesh Features 
06 - Cells13 - Terrain Features20 - Template Library Configuration27 - Drainage and Utilities
07 - Dimension Styles14 - Corridor-Linear Template Features21 - Survey 

Beginning Dataset:

01 - Folder Structure Beginning Dataset

Other Materials: