15. How can I change the test pressure for the different lines using AutoPIPE?

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Aug. 2023


Hydrotest design pressures are different in different pipe lines. So I have to enter different hydrotest pressures in the model. In the tab hydrotest, I can only find a pressure multiplier. How can I change the test pressure for the different lines?


 Please refer to the Hydrotest load properties dialog (imaged above). The user must select which operating Pressure and operating Temperature case to use for the hydrotest load case.

The user has 2 different approaches at this point:

1. On the dialog, select an existing operating Pressure and operating Temperature case, increase the Factor as needed for each to meet the design requirements. Example, most codes require 1.25 x Max Operating condition. Therefore, if max operating was P2 and T2, the user would configure the dialog like this:


2. Add an additional operating condition (increase General Model Options: Number of Thermal/Pressure cases) to include one case specifically for hydrotest. Then enter the actual Temperature and Pressure settings in these load cases to be exactly what is needed when performing a hydrotest. Furthermore, on the Hydrotest load properties dialog, select the operating conditions that represents the Hydrotest load. Finally confirm the respective factors remain 1.00. Because, the exact value of the hydrotest has already been entered.

Example: New operating condition was added to the model (from 3 to 4). Using the input grids or other means, manually entered Pressure (ex. P4) and Temperature (ex. T4) vP4 values as needed to be the exact settings used during the Hydrotest. Finally confirm Hydrotest load properties uses the correct operating conditions and both factors remain 1.0. Because the exact values for the hydrotest have already be specified across the entire model by the new operating condition (ex. #4). 


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