Update 2 - Version - 26 Nov. 2020

The table below lists the fixes and enhancements in sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 2, with version number, released on November 26, 2020. Update 2 was built on PowerPlatform 10.14 and OpenCities Map 10.6.

IDNew Change Bug Description


 X sisVIEW: an independent workflow was defined for sisVIEW (no longer derived from the sisNET ribbon).


 XsisNET: Also, for object types that are created with a batch script, the entry in the explorer tree is activated.


 XsisNET: The error when calling the SETLEVELSYMBOLOGY macro was fixed.


 XsisNET: The final dimension of an orthogonal dimension was not correctly underlined. This is corrected.


 XsisNET: Text replacement at the end of plot preparation starts again automatically.

421938, 446526 

 XsisNET Ribbon: For editing/viewing the print template properties the corresponding icons were missing. The error is now fixed.


 XsisNET: The tooltips of the object info box now show the descriptions of the functions instead of the keyboard inputs.


 XsisNET: The error in IF ... THEN constructs using the GETOBJID function in commodity macros has been corrected.


 XsisNET: The creation of a fence along a linear object (FENCEAREA - macro) works again.


 XsisNET: Fixed a crash when saving jobs that contain only non-graphical changes

453437, 455057 

 XsisNET: Fixed the crash when zooming in/out with the automatic explorer

453902, 499616, 498969

 XsisNET: Placing/moving/rotating labels now works correctly The GETPNTEXT, SETPNTEXT, SETPNT, PNT macro functions and the rotation of dimension texts have also been corrected.


 XsisFLOW: Attributes not relevant to graphics can be changed in the form mask

460675, 453902 

 XsisNET: The position of the newly placed or edited label was corrected.


 XsisNET: The label to be placed (dynamic function) is now displayed with the correct color.


 XsisNET: Fixed truncated message when using the TRQS module


X sisNET: New macro functions:
- SIN, COS, TAN, ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, ATAN2 have been added to work with angle specifications in radians
- VECTORDISTANCE serves as a replacement for mdlVec_Distance
- GETSELECTEDVIEWINDEX as replacement for mdlWindow_getSelectedViewIndex


 XsisNET: After starting sisNET the view was sometimes opened very small. This has been fixed.


 XsisNET: The EXPANDCFGVAR macro function now also resolves variables containing multiple $(var) expressions.


 XsisNET: The error during the initialization of the SROHR module has been fixed.


 XsisNET: Stations can be created again with the PROTOTYP module.


 XsisNET: the detaching of all raster files was corrected


 XsisNET: Fixed the crash in the KSTR module when creating a line with connection to a busbar.


 XsisNET: The error when displaying external documents from the form mask was fixed.


 XsisNET: the command specific dialog settings (Dialog Tool Settings) have been fixed and are displayed again when a command is activated
482130 XsisNET: editing as well as executing selection files (*.sel) works again


 XsisNET: an sisNET object selected with Microstation element selection can be deleted with the DEL key.


 XsisNET: When creating area-shaped objects with hatching, the angle option selected in the "Hatch Settings" dialog is now taken into account.


 XsisNET: The bug that caused hatching to be missing in some cases when creating area-shaped objects with hatching has been fixed.


 XsisNET: Referencing of DWG files works again.


 XsisNET: The error that occurred after editing backstage rights was fixed.
X sisIMS-Desktop: with the new 'RedirectWMSService' setting, an external WMS service can be redirected via sisIMS-IIS. This can be used for an HTTPS / HTTP redirection or for calling an external Password-Secured-WMS service. 

Example 1: HTTPS / HTTP redirection: 
-Use the following setting in the GRP file responsible for the sisIMS WMS: 
RedirectWMSService = http: //osmwms.itc-halle.de/maps/osmfree? SERVICE = WMS &  -in the XWMS file the URL line with  <URL> https: // <sisims virtual dir> /wms/request.aspx?service=redirectwms&amp; </URL>.  

Example 2 redirection with user / password: 
-Use the following setting in the GRP file responsible for the sisIMS WMS: 
RedirectWMSService = http: //gdi1.geo.bremen.de/mapproxy/bv_kat/service? 
RedirectWMSBasicAuthentication = <user>: <password>  -in the XWMS file the URL line with  <URL> https: // <sisims virtual dir> /wms/request.aspx?service=redirectwms&amp; </URL> replace.