Change what is displayed at wire links

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How do I change what information is displayed at wire links? How do I remove the dot from the page-line number cross reference?


The default project option profiles supplied with the software are set to show minimal information at wire links, typically the wire link tag and page-line number reference.  It is possible have the software show other information at wire links, including the device ID and connection point text of the target device, the wire number, cable information, and zone number.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Select [[Options]] > Project Options > Display Formats

  2. Click the Edit button for the Wire Link Cross Reference format.  The Wire Link Cross Reference Format dialog will appear. 

  3. Drag items from the left pane into the expression in the right pane to add them.
    Remove items from the expression by highlighting them and pressing the Delete key.
    Drag items within the expression to rearrange them.
    Highlight an item in the expression to access its properties such as Prefix and Suffix. For example, to remove the period that is the default separator between the page and line number, select [Page Number] in the expression, then remove the . from the Suffix field.

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