Update 7 - Version - 08 March 2023

The following table lists the fixes and enhancements of sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 7, with version number, released on March 8, 2023. Update 7 was built on PowerPlatform and OpenCities Map

The table is sorted by Item ID.

IDNew Change Bug Description
814716 XsisNET: With UPDOBJ, the priority of one or all annotations of an object can now be changed in the macro using the MODBESCH function:
     {{0,6000,0}, "MODBESCHR(-1,'PRIO',-480)"}, 
The priority of all annotations is set to -480.
967748 X sisNET: The default value for the maximum data line length for ASCII import has been increased from 200 to 2000.
969973 XsisNET: When creating PDF printouts, graphics were sometimes output that were hidden in Explorer. This has been corrected.
969977 XsisNET: In some cases, the functions for creating a PDF file and for printing the active print model remain inactive and could no longer be started. This has been fixed. 
971164 X sisNET: The number of decimal places for MS_X_SCALE and MS_Y_SCALE in the _BEST_GEOM table has been increased to 6.
987309 X sisNET: If a user does not have write permissions for a certain object type and tries to create this type via WERK CREATE, a more meaningful error message is now output.
989900, 814716X sisNET: Annotations now get the value Priority of main graphic + 10 even after changing the priority of the object graphic with UPDOBJ
989903 XsisNET Tools: When adding a WMS service in the N_SYS_POOL table via the function Maps -> Add external maps of the sisNET tools ribbon, the ID of the logged-in sisNET user is now entered correctly.
990678X sisNET: The first step of iModel creation (creation of a DGN with ECObjects) can now be started by a keyin from a sisNET batch:
Mdl load IMPublisher "[Pfad zu OUIModelBridge.01.00.ecschema.xml
993382 X sisIMS-Plot: the naming for the PDF-Multiplot file has now been changed.
994510 XsisNET: When saving OpenGis, texts in the _GEOM_BEST table in the MS_TEXT column were sometimes saved with CR/LF characters at the end of the text. This has been corrected.
995194 XXsisNET/sisIMS Engine: The delay in plotting when an ECW file is referenced is now fixed. To reduce the size of the PNG output, the PNG.PLTCFG plotter driver configuration file should be used (WEBSRV_PLOTDRV_PNG = png.pltcfg in dataset.siscfg). Here the line: <ResolutionDotsPerUnit>100,100,0</ResolutionDotsPerUnit> can be adjusted accordingly. Example: with a value of 50,50,0 the size of the PNG file is halved without a significant loss of quality when displayed in the browser.
1001262 XsisNET: In some cases, an incorrect geometry type for the main graphic was displayed in the configuration dialog of the i-model generation. This error has been corrected.
1019806 XsisNET: The generation of details with the functionality "Copy objects in the fence" was faulty if a multi-line without kinks was contained in the data file. This has been corrected.
1025802 XsisVIEW: The message "Input command unknown" when exiting Gps view centering has been eliminated.
1060135 XsisNET: When saving MicroStation dimensions (DIMENSION elements) created in the job, the color of the dimensions was changed in some cases. This has been corrected.
1060221 XsisNET: Saving text nodes in OpenGis caused a crash in some cases. This has been fixed.
1076052 X sisNET: When saving jobs, there was an abort with an error message, probably due to temporary access problems in the network, since the pool file backup copies could not be created. Multiple attempts are now made when creating the backup copies, with increasing waiting times between attempts. An error message is only issued if all attempts fail.
1077418 X sisNET: The iModel generation process can now be executed multiple times from a sisNET batch file:
k: mdl load IMPublisher ...Projekt1\Config\OUIModelBridge.01.00.ecschema.xml
k: mdl load IMPublisher ...Projekt2\Config\OUIModelBridge.01.00.ecschema.xml
1085656 XsisNET: Editing newly saved dimensions created with the NETDIM module now works correctly again.
1087000 XsisNET: Changing an attribute value that affected the graphical appearance of an object caused a crash in some cases. This bug has been fixed.
1088492  XsisNET: OpenGIS storage generated incorrect coordinates for text nodes. This has been corrected.

sisNET Update 7 - Version utilizes the Object DB version 10.0.6.