SYNCHRO Open Viewer

View Complete Project Files

SYNCHRO Open Viewer allows you to open 4D project files created by others in SYNCHRO Pro. Inspect the schedule in the Gantt chart and 3D view. Play the construction sequence from beginning to end, play a saved animation, or jump to a particular date and time. As the Focused Time marker moves through the 4D project you’ll be able to see which tasks are active in the Gantt Chart and the related 3D objects highlighted in the 3D window so you know exactly what’s going on when. Zoom in and navigate the model for a 360 view of the project at any stage and anticipate safety hazards in advance. “Practice” the project on your screen before starting work in the field.

Run Clash Detection Reports

Clash reports accurately identify design and constructability issues before construction begins and throughout the duration of the project, saving time and money. SYNCHRO’s comprehensive and reliable interference reports (in 3D PDF or Excel) identify when and where clashes occur, helping you set priorities or conflict resolution.

Markup Capability

Use SYNCHRO Open Viewer to markup a view with drawing and text when you find something that needs to change or needs further clarification. Camera angle, project date, and markup, as well as any applied 3D filters and cutting planes,  will be saved as a viewpoint for any team member to come back to later. Quickly and easily navigate between markups and viewpoints saved by others. Save your markups and share the file so others can review them.

View, Save and Share Custom and Standard Reports

Print the Gantt Chart, Resource List or of one of the standard reports including: Resource Utilization graph, Earned Value graph, User Field graph. Alternatively create custom task or resource reports using the custom report editor to add logos, keys or color codes. Data can also be copied to Microsoft Excel for further calculations. All reports can be exported as PDF for sharing.

User Manual Included

A user manual for Open Viewer is available within the software- see “Support” tab- Synchro Software training.

Please refer to SYNCHRO Open Viewer on for more information.