Elements missing from published or plotted output

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Problem Description

Some elements on a project page that are visible on-screen are missing on the paper or PDF output.


This can occur when the elements are set to True color 255,255,255.  This color, which appears white on a black design background, is not visible on a white background such as printed output.

Steps to Resolve

Change the color of the affected elements to Color 0.  This color appears white on black backgrounds and black on white backgrounds.

A quick way to change many individual elements of color 255,255,255 in a drawing to color 0 is with the following process.  If the elements are part of a symbol or title block, etc., modify those items then update the project with the revised items.  Step 1 can also be used just to confirm the problem is that the elements are set to color 255,255,255.

  1. Expand the Element Selection box and select the color tab, then select color (255,255,255). This selects all elements of that color in the design file.

  2. Select Tools > Properties > Change Attributes > Change Element Attributes.

  3. Place a check in the box for all properties to change. In this case, check only "Color" and set Color to 0.

  4. Left click on the drawing to Accept (to apply the settings).

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