29. How to add a nozzle in AutoPIPE Vessel?

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May 2023


How to add a nozzle in AutoPIPE Vessel?


Follow The below Steps,

Step 1: Once equipment modelled (Pressure Vessel, Tank or HX), select Insert<Nozzle from main menu.

Step 2: fill the nozzle properties as per your requirements.

Use the Nozzle Type and Identification field to choose type of nozzle and add the details. Also, you can choose the type of flange through the Edit Flange option.

Fill the Diameter and Reinforcement cells correctly. 

Use the Offset, Orientation, Inclination fields to specify the values you want to enter to locate the nozzle appropriately. 

Once you complete the steps, nozzle will get added on the equipment, you can modify the details as per your requirements by clicking on the nozzle tag from component list from left side.

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