Cable conductor text appearance on cable diagrams and cross reference symbols

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How can I control the appearance of the cable conductor text on cable diagrams?


Cable conductor text (BLK, RED, and GRN text in the screen shots below) is connection point text, and cable diagrams and cable cross reference symbols are used in Wiring Diagram Mode. To format this text, set the Connection Point text settings for Wiring Diagram Mode.

Cable diagram

Cable cross-reference symbol

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open the page containing the cable diagram or cable cross reference.
  2. Open the [[Text Settings - Control how text appears in the project|Text Settings]] dialog.
  3. Select "Wiring Diagram Mode" in the Mode drop-down list.
  4. Click Edit for the Connection point format.
  5. Set the settings appearance as desired, click OK until out of Options.
  6. Select [[Update Wiring Diagram]], set the Cable Cross-Reference check box, and click OK to update the cable conductor text with the new settings.

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