Error - Object Reference .... Boolean IsPolywire - Promis.e CONNECT

 Product(s):Promis.e CONNECT Edition
 Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX to 10.09.XX.XX
 Environment: NA
 Area: Wiring Features 
 Subarea:Wiring Error


The below Error sometimes can be seen when opening a schematic page. This Error Message might be due to a wire in the project page which might not have associated details in the database. 

Below may be the causes of the issue

1. Crashing of Software. 
2. Issue while deleting / editing of wire. 
3. Data corruption. 

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open the Project Page where the issue is being faced. 

2. Select Manage >> Validayte >> Page Validate

3. Click Yes if a message similar to the below Error Message is displayed. 

D. Keep repeating steps 2 & 3 until no message is displayed similar to the message in Step 3. 

Note: If there are other messages after deleting the message related to Wire with the logical line, then the issues need to be handled according to the new Error Message which might be some other issue. Also, it is better to contact Adiministaror or support as there might be some other issues on the Project Page as well which might need fixing before proceeding further.  

 Original Author:Satish Saptasagar