"Unable to Import the Excel File..." Messages displayed in AutoPIPE

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Nov. 2016


The following is displayed when using AutoPIPE

Unable to Import the Excel File
Excel Imposed Support Displacement data could not be inserted into the model. For details View the error log.

Why does it appear and What should i do now to avoid it?


This message is displayed when a problem occurs during importing of a specially formatted Excel file using " Import Imposed Displacements" command

There are a number of reasons why the import may fail but one or more of the following listed items may resolve the issue. This is an iterative process. 

a. Be sure that MS Excel is installed on the computer. Suggest v.2007

b. Save Excel file back to "Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls)" format

c. The imported Excel file cannot have any blank Translation or Rotational values. If the value is Zero enter a Zero number in the blank spot.  

Now try and import the Excel file, the message above should not appear. 

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