Copying cells from one library to another

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: Cells
 Subarea: General
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Copying cells from one library to another which has tags embedded into them.
When the tags are placed they cannot be edited.


Using the following steps the problem could not be reproduced.

1. File > New and created a new file.
2. Element > Tags > Define, selected add created a new tag set.
3. Selected add on the right and created two tags in the tag set.
4. Using the place block tool, placed a block in the file
5. Using the place tag tool, identified the block
6. In the place tag tool dialog selected the tag set
7. Set values for both tags and attached the tags to the block
8. Element> Cells> File > New, create d a new cell library
9. Placed a fence and cell origin around the block with attached tags.
10. Selecting the create button, created a new cell.
11. Created a second cell library to use a destination cell library.
12. File > Open, opened the destination cell library as a design file.
13. File > Models , select the import models tool
14. Select source cell library which contained cell with tags.
15. Select the cell to be imported.
16. File > Open, opened up a different file
17. Element > Cells > File > Attach, and attached cell library with imported cell
18. Using the Place cell tool, place the cell in the file
19. Selected the Edit Tag tool and select the tag and was able to modify the values.

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