Limitation on Number of Plates

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I have to deal with relatively big model with approximately 50000 plates. However processing is very slow. Are there any limitations on number of plates?

The limits on the number of entities, loads etc are outlined in section 5.2 of the Technical Reference Manual. From our experience, it is best if you can restrict your model to 30000 nodes and 30000 beams + plates. Although theoretically it is possible to analyze much bigger models ( Number of Members, Plates and Solids = 500000 ), however from a practical standpoint, it is better to restrict the model to the size mentioned above because for larger models, displaying loads or even navigating through the program's GUI can be quite slow and tedious. Also postprocessing can be very slow and sometimes some of the postprocessing results may fail to load in memory, if the data files are too large. So due to these limitations, we recommend keeping the model size smaller whenever possible.

In connect edition these limits can be found in below location in the help file.

Home > Getting Started > GS. About STAAD.Pro > GS. Limits on Models