Disable Desktop Composition or Visual Themes for MicroStation only

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How to Disable Desktop Composition and Visual Themes only for MicroStation (or any other application)


Sometimes disabling the Desktop Composition can help running an application without visual artefacts or simply a bit smoother, especially if the video subsystem of the PC is just meeting the minimum requirements for that application.

Desktop Composition is one of the visual effects that can cause visual graphics issues and can be disabled for all applications in Windows' Visual Effects dialog but sometimes it is only needed to be disabled for one specific application. 

In this article we will learn how to disable it for MicroStation but the process is identical for any other application

Steps to Accomplish

1. Right click on MicroStation shortcut

2. Click on "Properties"

3. Open the "Compatibility" tab

4. Tick the "Disable Desktop Composition" box

5. Click "Apply" and then "Ok"


As you can see in the screenshot here below, it is also possible to completely disable Visual Themes for an application. This can be required if disabling Desktop Composition only does not improve the graphics results.


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