Script error when running CONNECT Advisor

 Version(s):v8i, CONNECT
 Area:CONNECT Advisor


When the CONNECT Advisor starts in conjunction with MicroStation, a script error appears.
The CONNECT Advisor is unusable after exiting out of the script error window.
When selecting any of the tabs or links within the CONNECT Advisor, multiple script errors are generated.
The issue is consistent and is also reproducible when launching the CONNECT Advisor from the Help tab within MicroStation CONNECT Edition.


This is a known issue with the CONNECT Advisor version 

Uninstalling the CONNECT Advisor via Windows Control Panel and then reinstalling a previous version of the CONNECT Advisor from the portal at is a known solution.

Specifically, some users have confirmed that reverting back to version of the CONNECT Advisor has served as an applicable workaround.

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 Original Author:Jayson Perry