How do I transfer data from LEAP Bridge Concrete to Open Bridge Modeler

1. Data Transfer: In version 10.10.00.xx, the data transfer is bi-directional, i.e. from OBM to LBC (for all supported bridge types), and back from LBC to OBM (for prestressed concrete girder bridges). While the entire model is transferred from OBM to LBC, on the way back only selected superstructure (beams and beamlayout) and all substructure information is transferred. In LBC, use the Tools > OBM Sync > Send to OBM option to write information back to OBM via an XML file. In OBM on the Utilities tab of the ribbon toolbar, select LBC > Update from Analytics to select the same transfer XML file, and start the process of updating the OBM model with LBC data changes if any. At this time, other than footing design reinforcement, any other design reinforcement, strands or tendon information will not be transferred back from LBC to OBM.