Ram Elements - Configuration settings

 Applies To 
 Product(s):RAM Elements
 Version(s):13.0 or later
 Area: Installation; Configuration

Where are the custom configuration settings for Ram Elements and the various modules saved? 

Throughout Ram Elements there are numerous locations where the user can customize various settings. These are typically noted with a check box indicating "Current values as default" like the one at the bottom of the Analysis dialog box:


Those settings and others like print settings, recent file lists and more are saved in various config files typically located in a path like this (Windows 7):

C:\Users\User.Name\AppData\Roaming\Bentley\Engineering\RAM Elements.en\

Where the User.Name is the current user login name.

If you want to restore the program presets you can delete files within this folder (or the whole folder) and then restart Ram Elements. This might be necessary if the current settings are somehow corrupted and causing the program to malfunction (a module might not launch at all, or the window might be stretched to the point where it's unusable, for example).

The following batch file has been created to automate the removal process.

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