Best Practices for Creating a Civil iModel for OpenBridge


How do I prepare my OpenBridge data to be published to an iModel?


For projects with a single bridge model, you can publish the model directly from the file that contains the bridge model. No other work is necessary.

For projects with multiple bridge models, a container file is recommended.

If you only need to publish the bridge models from a container file:

  1. Create a 3D container file with OpenBridge Modeler.
    • This container file needs to be created from the correct seed file in the Workspace used by the dataset.
    • The container file needs to have the correct GCS for the project.
  2. Attach all needed/required reference files.
    1. Ensure the Reference Display = ON for each reference attachment you want to show in the iModel.
    2. Set the references within the “container” file to a minimum nesting depth of 1

For federated multi-disciplinary projects, please refer to the following reference:  

 Best Practices for Creating a Civil iModel 

Note: Make sure to attach the bridge file to the Default (2D) model in the project container file.