How to add a void to Slab Bridge


Document Information

Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP CONBOX/CIP RC/PT Girder

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Leap Bridge Technical Support Group – VM

QUESTION: How to add a void at the center of the cross section of slab bridge?


This is just an example to show how voids are added in a slab bridge.

Go to Geometry TAB and then click on Cross Section button. In the New Cross section Layout window click on SECTION option under Section Definition heading.

In the new Multi-cell CIP Box Section  window click on PARTS button.

In the new Multi-cell CIP Box Parts window please select CIRCLE under TYPE and HOLE option under STATUS heading.

Then finally input these below mentioned values to create a 1ft dia. VOID at the center of the slab bridge cross section.

Ref-Z(ft)  = 0.00

Ref-Y(ft)  = 1.25

H(ft)         = 0.5

V(ft)         = 0.5

Please see the attached screenshots for more information.