06. How to input a Wind profile using Wind Velocity instead of Wind Pressure in AutoPIPE?

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How can the pipe movement be greater than the support gap setting for wind load combinations in AutoPIPE?


AutoPIPE does not accept velocity profile input at this time. AutoPIPE does show the pressure profile and how it is calculated in load summary of the input listing. ASCE 7 defines wind speed as the nominal design 3-second gust wind speed at 33 ft (10 m) above ground for Exposure C category.=

Note that Kz value is 1.0 at 33 ft. So Kz gives the velocity profile per ASCE-7.

You may use a similar procedure, entering your own velocity profile, to compute the pressure profile in Excel and then input in AutoPIPE. Refer to ASCE-7 for actual tables or equations.

Also one may search the internet for converters:


Wind speed to pressure - click here or click here or click here

Wind Speed Unit Converter - click here or click here

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