01. Where are the design factors referenced in AutoPIPE help coming from in ASME B31.4 Chapter IX (

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Sept. 2017


Design factors according to the code are:

AutoPIPE help has the design factors set to:

Why are they different?


The user is able to select 2 different codes from the General model options dialog:  ASME B31.4 Liq. Trans or ASME B31.4 OFFshore.

Table 403.3.1-1 shown above is for ASME B31.4 Liq. Trans piping, while AutoPIPE's help table shown above is for chapter IX (offshore piping) referenced by table A402.3.5-1 

These are the exact values as referenced in AutoPIPE's help. AutoPIPE will use the correct allowable values for the selected piping code. 

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