M. AutoPIPE crashes when using Copy command, why?

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June 2022


Program crashes after using copy command, why?


There are 2 known issues related to the copy command that causes the system to crash. 

Issue #1: 

There are no record of exact steps to repeat, just know that the application will crash when trying to use the copy command. 

Workaround #1:

Completely turn off the computer for 30 seconds, restart the computer, only start AutoPIPE application without starting other applications, open a model, and try to use the copy command. 


Issue #2:

There is a known issue (889911) where the application will close / crash momentarily after pressing OK button on the "Select Base Point" dialog when using the Copy command. This problem was caused by a valve component being the first component at the start of a segment. This was fixed in AutoPIPE 23 Update 1. 

Question: How to find this problem in a model. 


Enable color plot by segment (Segments (Show > Color Plots > Segments)), pan / zoom the model looking for color changes around a valve. 

For really large models, one may use an iterative approach to finding these locations. 

a. Save production model and make a new test file (ex. Test.dat)

b. Select and delete parts of the model.

c. Save the file

d. Try to use copy command, 

Does the copy copy command still cause the application to crash?

- If Yes> Open last saved file and Repeat steps  b to d above. 

- If No> Open previously saved file, use color plot to find offending valve, or further iterate deleting parts of this file to find the offending valve. 

Continue until all of the offending places have been found. Keep track of every location because one must ultimately open the production model and make the necessary corrections as mentioned below.  

Workaround #2:

Make modifications to the model so there are not two segments at this location.

One Suggestion procedure:

1. Segment Junction at valve end point BG07 between 2 segments (ex. BG - colored yellow, and BH - colored green)

2.  Insert new node point (ex. BH06) on the 2nd colored segment (ex. BH) a short distance away from the valve.

3. After inserting the new node point, use the Keyboard arrows and move to the valve node point (ex. BG07) while remaining on the current segment (ex. BH). and delete the node point. 

4. Make the end of the valve the current node point (ex. BG07), and insert a run to join the segments together. 

5. Done... or maybe not.. 

6. Consider joining the segments instead of having 2 segments. 

Make the junction between the 2 segments the current node point. 

7. Use command Join Segment(s) (Home > Operations > Segments > Join Segment(s)). 

Now we are really Done!!

or maybe not...

8. Remove temporary node point as it holds now meaning in the model. 

Delete temporary node point (ex. original node name BH06)

 Now we are really really Done!!

Note: This issue is fixed from version Hence, upgrade to AutoPIPE version

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