Daily Failed Transactions Alert

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Product(s):Exor TMA Noticing Manager
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Original Author:Lee Jackson, Bentley Technical Support Group

One thing users must deal with on a daily basis is failed transactions. This could be a small number of transactions that have failed to send to a particular recipient, or a large number of transactions because of an internal problem. Some of these transactions could be business critical and need to be sent the same day in order to avoid an FPN or deemed permit etc.

Below are some details of an Alert Manager alert which will inform you of any failed transactions on a daily basis. This alert could also be duplicated to run at another interval so you have 2 alerts a day etc.

Please note these instructions assume you have already configured the relevant product options and started the Alert Manager process to allow Alert Manager to send email alerts.  See the Alert Manager Admin Guide for more information.

1 – Create a new asset metamodel record for the TMA_TRANSACTIONS table.


2 – Add the attributes required for the alert calculation and email. The example uses a minimal number of columns, but you can add any column from the table.


3 – Open the Alert Setup form and select the Scheduled Events tab

4 – Select the ‘Select Query’ list of values to open the Bentley Navigator Query Builder

5 – Select Advanced Query and copy the example below


6 – Save the query and then select it.

7 – In the Alert Setup form, set an interval suitable to your business. In the example below we used Daily at 3pm which should then give users an hour and a half to resolve any problem transactions, or send them to the intended recipients by other means. The frequency ‘Daily at 3pm’ didn’t exist by default, so we entered a new frequency via the Scheduling Frequencies form.


8 – Enter the relevant details on the Mail Setup tab.

9 – Save. Below is an example of the email alert sent for the above example:

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