How to remove color table stored internally on a file and attaching a new one?

 Version:V8i, CONNECT

Problem Description

Generally the color table used on a design file is the default selected in the current workspace. In some circumstances a specific color table can be attached to the design file that overrides this default color table. The following shows a workflow that can be used to remove this attachment.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open MicroStation
  2. Enter the key in: CT=<spacebar>       (press the spacebar and press enter)
    This will detach the attached color table.
  3. To attach the new (default) color table, open the Configuration Variables dialog box
  4. Select Colors-> Highlight MS_DEFCTBL Default Color Table from the upper right window on the palette.
  5. Click on the select button and select the correct color table (example color1.tbl) ->ok
  6. This will prompt an alert from MicroStation, asking if you really want to save changes to your .UCF file (user configuration file).
  7. Choose Yes and the color table will be attached each time MicroStation is launched.
  8. Exit MicroStation and re-enter for the changes to take effect.

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 Original Author:Maria Munoz