sisNET 2023 - Version - 06.10.2023

The following table lists the fixes and enhancements in OpenUtilities sisNET 2023 with version number, released on October 6, 2023. This sisNET version has been built on PowerPlatform and OpenCities Map

The table is sorted by Item ID.

OpenUtilities sisNET 2023 - version uses the object DB version 10.0.7 and thus requires a database update.

Note that the sisNET release includes the new version of sisNET, sisFLOW and sisVIEW, but not a new version of sisIMS. If you are using sisIMS, the administrator can update the existing sisIMS system to work with data managed by sisNET 2023. Details for this are in the sisNET 2023.00.00.27 release announcement on the sisNET user community. 

Release Notes IDNew Change Bug Description
531113 X sisNET: The priority and text font in filter macros can now be replaced as follows:
fokP->priority = 100 replace with FOKSETINT('priority', 100)
IF (fokP->priority >10) THEN... replace with IF (FOKGETINT('priority') >10) THEN...
fgiP->tfont = 50 replace with FGISETINT('tfont', 50)
IF (fgiP->tfont <=50) THEN ... replace with IF (FGIGETINT('tfont') <=50) THEN...
665846 XsisNET: The toolbox function size in the preferences can now be changed to 'Large (32x32)'.
734049 X sisNET: A new function right has been introduced: “Adjust Ribbon”. This allows you to prevent the sisNET ribbon from being adjusted via the context menu.
815947 XsisNET: The name of the active explorer topic will now be updated correctly in the view title bar.
824206X sisNET: The forms mask function 'Data transfer...' is now also available in ObjectEditor. Note: the 'Project.Config' file in the project 'ObjectEditor' folder needs to be updated.
893172 XsisNET: In certain cases, the annotations of location points were not included in Open GIS storage. This has been corrected.
973882 X sisNET: The filter identifier can now be controlled using the FOKGETINT and FOKSETINT macros.
Example: Until now: fokP->kennung = 0; Now: FOKSETINT('kennung', 0);
1074153 XsisNET: The incorrect indication of the number of selected objects in the selection tool has been corrected.
1080997 XsisNET: Incorrect names have been corrected in the sisNET rights management (sisManager).
1083799 XsisNET: If the view display switched between the existing and overview plans, in some cases incorrect object graphics were taken into account when creating a route cross section. This has been corrected.
1111482 X sisNET:The starting program sisStart has been revised. The administration interface (accessed with the parameter admin=…) has been renewed and provided with the option to manage settings for various start configurations.
1170001 X sisNET: The area assignment functionality is now available again in the ribbon under Administration -> User Management. (visible if the right 'Assignment of territorial rights prohibited' is switched off)
1178059 XsisNET: When creating i-model via the command line, a crash could occur if the project configuration file was passed as a parameter instead of the generated EC schema file. This error has been caught.
1182427 XsisVIEW: the DXF/DWG-Export in sisVIEW has been corrected.
1206302 XsisNET: The search for multiline objects with the FINDEXT macro function has been corrected.
1213127 X sisNET/sisIMS: Logos, Splash-screens, favicons has been updated.
1223127 XsisNET: The new 64-bit sistart.exe now also support variables in the start-string like -envvar=username=webeng1
1224529X sisNET, sisIMS: All plotting tools (batch plot, single plot, multiplot in sisNET and sisIMS) now assign the variable 'SISNET_PLOT_THEME' with the name of the current explorer theme. This means that the corresponding text field for all plot frames can be assigned to the same variable. (Idea SISNET-I-24 from Mr. Niemeier, June 21, 2023) Note: the previous variables will continue to be set.
1225233 XsisNET:  The network tracing display and segment display have been corrected.
1232949 XsisNET: When rotating a clamping dimension, the dimension received the currently set priority/transparency. This has been corrected.
1237794X sisNET: The -debug parameter in the Sisstart shortcut outputs a file with the current configuration for debugging purposes.
1239326 XsisNET: After updating objects with cross hatches, hatches were no longer displayed correctly. The error is fixed now.
1245255 XsisNET: When executing the object search in the open job, an Oracle error could occur in special environments. This has been fixed.
1258326 XsisNET: The 'LSTIL' parameter was not evaluated correctly in MODPART… macros. The error is fixed now.
1268436X sisNET: By default, the object type and MSLINK of the selected object are displayed in the header of the form mask. This only happens if a 502 line (FORMSHEADERKZ) is missing from the FS definition. Most forms masks that are controlled via a formxxx.r contain this line and therefore the automatic (standard) display (with mslink) is prevented.

Assignment of the header for standard and variant form masks:
1.       Standard assignment [object name/ID]: the 502 (FORMSHEADERKZ) is missing.
2.       Macro assignment: the content of the header can now be determined via macros with the new '_formsTitle' variable. The macro 501 (FORMSIDKZ) is suitable for this, used to assign the '_formsID' variable (only for variant forms masks) or 550 (STARTUPKZ), and 551 (STARTKZ) for all forms masks.

Note: the '_formsTitle' variable takes precedence over the 502 line.
An example is described in the sisNET 2023 release notes.
1280060 XsisNET: The display of history data in sisNET works again.
1284720 XsisIMS-Linked Doc: If linked (or attribute) documents have multiple dots in the file name, the file extension was not set correctly. The error is fixed now.
N/AX sisNET: By clicking on the vertex lines in the ObjInfo dialog, the break point is highlighted by a circle.
N/A X sisNET/sisIMS Engine: The variable WEBSRV_ENGINE_COMPRESSDGN_ENABLED can be used to control whether or not DGN compression should be carried out before every plot job. The default value is false, so better performance is achieved with ECW referencing.