Text in custom line style displays upside-down when drawn from right-to-left

 Version:V8i, CONNECT
 Area:Custom Linestyles


I have a custom line style which incorporates text or symbols. When I draw a line using the linestyle from left to right, it looks perfect. However, if I draw a line from right to left, the text/symbol appears upside-down.

Solution -  Existing Line

If you have a line that already exists and is placed with the text upside-down, you need to fix that line so the text within appears correct side-up.

To change the direction of the line style:

Go to Tools>Curves>Modify Curves>Change Curve Direction. Use this tool to select the line you want to change, then the direction you want it to move. The line will swap "direction" and the text will appear correct side-up.

or simply key in: change direction

Solution - Edit the Line Style

If you have a line style which you would like to edit so that the text/symbol never appears upside-down, even as you draw, follow the instructions below.

Go to Element>Line Styles>Edit. In the Line Style Editor, navigate to the line style you want to edit as well as the point component that makes up the text in your line style. With the point component highlighted and displayed, select the space that denotes the text. Change the Rotation setting to: 'Adjusted' or 'Absolute'.

Close the dialog, say yes to saving the line style and draw a line. The text will appear correct side-up, however if there are more than one symbol or letter, the letters will display in backwards order. For instance, in this example, were you to draw the line with Rotation set to 'Adjusted' or 'Absolute', you would end up with a line that looks like: '-T-C-' instead of '-C-T-' as you might expect.

For your information, here are the descriptions for 'Adjusted' and 'Absolute' from the MicroStation v8i (SELECTseries 3) help contents:

Absolute — The symbol rotation angle is relative to the x-axis of the view in which the element was originally placed. When displayed, the symbol rotation appears “fixed” and is not affected by the direction of the stroke.

Adjusted — Similar to Relative but the symbol is automatically “flipped” when necessary so that it always appears “right side up” in the manner of dimension text. This option is most useful when using text in point symbols.

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