What's New in HAMMER CONNECT Edition Update 3 - Build



CONNECT Edition Update 3 version of HAMMER introduces improvements and features to help you be more successful.

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Enhancements to Change Tracking

The ability to archive change tracking data has been added. This can help with situations where including change tracking data may otherwise increase the size of the model's database file to a great extent. (for example the .SQLITE file could grow to many gigabytes in size)

Enhancements to Crossing Pipes Query

The Crossing Pipes query in Network Navigator has been enhanced to accommodate different types of pipes. If you open the Crossing Pipes query in Network Navigator, you will see options for All Links (which will analysis all pipes and laterals), Current Selection (which will only analyze links already selected in the drawing), Pipes (which will analyze only pipes), and Laterals (which will analyze only laterals). 

Improved GIS-ID based ModelBuilder Importing

Improvements have been made to ModelBuilder imports using GIS-ID, which will make creating and updating models based on GIS-ID easier and more successful.

Compatible Platforms and Operating Systems

Compatible Operating Systems

Supported Platforms:

See: Platform Compatibility

Model Compatibility

Models saved in older versions of HAMMER can be opened in other 10.03.XX.XX releases,

See also: Model backward / forward compatibility

Stability enhancements and fixes to reported issues

As with all new versions, this release of HAMMER includes fixes to various user-reported issues from the previous release, providing an overall more stable experience.

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