Beschreibungen der Berechtigungen

Project ActivitiesManage Project Settings for created projectsProject/iTwinProvision Project from a TemplateProvision a project from a template
AdministrationManage Administrative Setting / Access Control

Project/iTwinEdit Project Properties from PortalEdit Project Properties from Portal
Invite & Configure Team ParticipantsInvite & Configure Team Participants
Create / Modify Team Roles & PermissionsCreate / Modify Team Roles & Permissions

Remove Team Participants

Remove Team Participants
Access Team Member and Role ManagementAccess Team Member and Role Management
Manage Project Access and Billing SettingsManage Project Access and Billing Settings
Manage External OrganizationsManage External Organizations
Create New iTwinCreate New iTwin
ShareManage Access to Cloud Document StorageProjectWise ShareReadShare Read Permission
Read / WriteShare Read & Write Permission
Read / Write / DeleteShare Read, Write, and Delete Permission
Configure Folder AccessConfigure Folder Access
iModelHub Manage Access to iModelsiModelsViewView and iModel in a web browser
View / ReadRead an iModel (download)
View / Read / WriteModify and iModel
View / Read / Write / ManageCreate an iModel & Configure
View / Read / Write / Manage / DeleteDelete an iModel
ProjectWise ContextShareManage Access to Reality DataContext CaptureAssignAssign/Unassign Reality Data from a Project
CreateCreate Reality Data and assign them to a Project
ManageManage Reality Data
UseUse Reality Data
PS Federated ConnectionManage Access to PS Federated ConnectionsProjectWiseModify PS Federated ConnectionsModify PS Federated Connections (Create, Update, Delete)
Scenario ServicesSTAADCreate SolutionCreate Solution
Solution Create  & ArchiveSolution Create & Archive
Scenario Create/Update/DeleteScenario Create/Update/Delete
Scenario RunScenario Run
View ResultView Result
Project Insights ServiceManage Access to View and/or Configure InsightsProjectWiseView Project Insights DashboardView Project Insights Dashboard
Configure Project Insights DashboardConfigure Project Insights Dashboard
ProjectWise FormsManage Access within Issue Resolution and Forms ServicesProjectWiseViewGives user access to view forms
CommentGives user access to comment on forms
CreateGives user access to create forms
ModifyGives user access to modify forms
AssignGives user access to assign forms
ApproveGives user access to approve forms
Delete FormsGives user access to delete forms
Manage FormsGives user access to manage forms in Issue Resolution and Forms landing pages
Create DashboardsCreate and edit dashboards for Issue Resolution and Forms landing page 
Component CenterManage access to components within Component CenterComponent CenterReadComponent Center permission to read components
Product Settings ServiceManage access to settings for Bentley iTwin-powered applicationsiTwinManage SettingsAllows users to create, update, or delete context settings
iModelDataManagerManage Access to Tag Management ApplicationsPlantSightRead SharedQueryRead SharedQuery Description
Update SharedQueryUpdate SharedQuery Description
Delete SharedQueryDelete SharedQuery Description
Manage BriefcaseManage Briefcase Management Administrators Page
Edit DataEdite iModel Data in Queries
Set ReadOnly/Editable ColumnEdit columns as readonly/editable using column option in Queries
Export Queries/FolderExport Queries/folder from current project to selected projects
Set Advance ModeSet Advance Mode on in Queries
Create New QueryCreate New Query in Queries
Validation ServiceManage Access to Clash DetectionDesign ValidationCreate LibraryCreate Library
Delete LibraryDelete Library
ResultSet/ValidationSet Create/Update/DeleteResultSet/ValidationSet Create/Update/Delete
Model RunModel Run
View ResultView Result
Quantity Take-Off Configuration ServiceManage Read and Write Access Controls for Quantity RulesSYNCHRO Pro / 4DRead/Write ConfigurationsAllow users to upload and update QTO configuration
Read ConfigurationsConfiguration and apply it to models
iModel Schema Management ServiceManage Access to iTwin Design Insights Schema ManagementiTwinQueryQuery Contexts
UploadUpload Contexts
DeleteDelete Contexts
PdfGeoIndexingServiceManage Access to PDF DocumentsSYNCHROPDF ReadRead PDF documents
PDF Modify Modify PDF documents
SYNCHROManage Control to Synchro ModulesSYNCHROSYNCHRO 4dAccess to SYNCHRO Modeler, SYNCHRO Open Viewer
SYNCHRO ControlAccess to SYNCHRO Control
SYNCHRO FieldAccess to SYNCHRO Field
SYNCHRO 4D ReviewAccess to SYNCHRO 4D Review
Guest UserGuest Permission for SYNCHRO
SYNCHRO CostAccess to SYNCHRO Cost
4D Scheduling PermissionsManaging construction projects with 4D scheduling & simulation, model-based QTO, and construction modelingSYNCHRORead ScheduleRead SYNCHRO 4D Schedule
Read Schedule ActualsRead SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Actuals
Read Schedule AssignmentsRead SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Assignments
Read Schedule CostsRead SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Costs
Read Schdedule Resource StatusRead SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Resource Status
Read PresentationRead SYNCHRO 4D Presentation
Read DocumentsRead SYNCHRO 4D Documents
Read IssuesRead SYNCHRO 4D Issues
Read User Defined DataRead SYNCHRO 4D User Defined Data
Write ScheduleWrite SYNCHRO 4D Schedule
Write Schedule ActualsWrite SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Actuals
Write Schedule AssignmentsWrite SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Assignments
Write Schedule CostsWrite SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Costs
Write Schedule Resource StatusWrite SYNCHRO 4D Schedule Resource Status
Write PresentationWrite SYNCHRO 4D Presentation
Write DocumentsWrite SYNCHRO 4D Documents
Write IssuesWrite SYNCHRO 4D Issues
Write User Defined DataWrite SYNCHRO 4D User Defined Data
Write 4D Project SetupWrite SYNCHRO 4D Project Setup
ProjectWise Deliverables ManagementManage Permissions for Sending TransmittalsProjectWiseRead & Create Draft PackagesView and create packages, view settings
Receive External PackagesReceive packages from external organization
Issue PackagesIssue draft packages, review & issue packages
Approve RFI ResponseReview and approve RFI response
Manage SettingsModify PWDM project settings
Document Registry ServiceManage Control of DocumentsSYNCHROCreate/Modify/Delete DocumentsCreate, modify, and delete documents
View All RevisionsAccess to all document revisions
SYNCHRO BidManage Access to Bid ManagementSYNCHROAdminister Procurement SystemAdminister Procurement System
Read Project BidsRead Project Bids
Write Project BidsWrite Project Bids
Read Project Procurement ContractsRead Project Procurement Contracts
Write Project Procurement ContractsWrite Project Procurement Contracts
Design InsightsManage access to Design Insights, which provides project teams with analytics to understand the implications of design decisionsiTwin
Manage User SettingsUsers can configure the following settings: Ancillary Data User Settings
Create Custom DashboardUsers can create custom dashboards
Edit Custom DashboardUsers can edit custom dashboards
Create Concept ComparisonUsers can create concept comparisons
View TemplateUsers can view Templates
Edit TemplateUsers can edit Templates
Design ValidationManage access to ProjectWise Design Validation for checking the completeness and quality of BIM data which is critical for reducing risk and generating actionable insightsProjectWiseApprove Validation ScriptApprove Validation Script
Engineering Data ManagerManage access to tag managementOpenPlantCreate TagsCreate Tags
Delete TagsDelete Tags
Edit TagsEdit Tags
Edit PropertiesEdit Properties
Manage Column OptionsManage column options - apply at iModel
PlantSight PortalManage access to functionality in PlantSight PortalPlantSightDashboard AdministrationDashboard Administration
Show AcquisitionShow Acquisition
Show AggregationShow Aggregation
Show Data ManagerShow Data Manager
Show DocumentsShow Documents
Show InsightsShow Insights
Show Issue ResolutionShow Issue Resolution
Show ValidationShow Validation
Show VisualizerShow Visualizer
Show FormsShow Forms
Machine Learning APIManage access to Machine LearningiTwin Design InsightsRun Inference PermissionGrants access to run ML inference jobs, default read-only
Labeling data in ML serviceLabeling data in ML service
Insights and ReportingManage access to reports, which aggregate digital twin data from multiple sources into one unified format and placeiTwinViewAccess reports in Insights and Reporting for a context
View/ConfigureConfigure reports in Insights and Reporting for a context
SYNCHRO CostManage access to construction contracts, budgets, and change ordersSYNCHROCost system administratorCost system administrator
Setup cost contractsSetup cost contracts
Manage cost configurations and workflowsManage cost configurations and workflows
Data ManagerManage access to dataOpenPlantCreate TagsCreate Tags
Delete TagsDelete Tags
Edit TagsEdit Tags
Edit PropertiesEdit Properties
Manage Column OptionsManage Column Options
Release TagsRelease Tags
Create New QueryCreate New Query
Read Shared QueryRead Shared Query
Delete Shared QueryDelete Shared Query
Renamed Shared QueryRenamed Shared Query
Export Queries/FolderExport Queries/Folder
Promote to Shared QueryPromote to Shared Query
Set Advanced ModeSet Advanced Mode
Extension ServiceManage iTwin.js ExtensionsiTwinManage ExtensionsAllows user to create and update an iTwin.js extension, as well as create different versions of the extension.

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