DTF8.1, core patches 30 to 32 question

 Product(s):Exor Network Manager
 Environment:Windows XP 64 bit


We currently have Network Manager 4700 fix 29 installed and your DTF8.1 notes state that Exor Core (Network Manager) update 32 needs applying. I have been able to download update 30 & update 32 but cannot locate update 31 - do I need to apply 30 & 31 before 32, if so where can I download update 31 from ?


If you have applied patch 29 then  looking at the patches you have referenced, you can apply patches 30 and 32. Patch 31 is not available for release, so explains why you cannot see to download. Each fix release note has a section entitled prerequisites

Given you have fix 29 installed Prerequisites is  Network Manager 4.7.0.x Fix 25 (Fix Number - exnm04070002en_updt25 which I assume sometime in the past has been applied ?

patch 30 has no prerequisites

Patch 31 - not released so unavailable

Patch 32 - Prerequisites exnm04070007en_updt13

So suggest apply in the order above, post doing you should be able to check within the application that the version number of the packages from file fastpath choose module about_server and then select run ( to check the version numbers reported match List of Amended Files version in each document). Form number versions are checked by going to the form and selecting help about and seeing the number in the 5th line from the bottom.

 Original Author:Clive T