Tools Are Missing From Tasks Menu

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:PowerPlatform Support

Problem Description

Buttons to start certain tools are missing from the Tasks menu.


This problem is unrelated to licensing.  The menus are the same regardless of what edition of promis.e is activated.

The menus may have been reorganized.  Look in other areas of Tasks, or search Be Communities for the name of the tool.

The button may have been turned off.  See below for the steps to resolve this situation.  Conversely, see Don't show tools you seldom use

Steps to Resolve

  1. In Tasks, in the area where the missing tool is expected to be, right-click a tool.

  2. Select Open as toolbox.

  3. In the resulting toolbox, right click a tool button and enable the missing tools by clicking their names.  A check mark indicates the tool is enabled.

See Also

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 Original Author:Matt_P