Linestyle Scale not correct in Reference

 Version:V8, XM, V8i, CONNECT
 Area:Custom Linestyles


Linestyle scale not correct in Reference file when attached. Linestyle scale looks correct when opening the Reference file, but does not look correct when attached to another file.


Key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE (value equal to the reference file scale).

The Active linestyle scale is different in the master file, when compared to the reference file.

1. Open reference file.
2. Key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE (active linestyle scale will report in message center).
3. Open master file (The file that the reference is attached to).
4. Repeat Key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE (Note difference from reference file).
5. Key-in: ACTIVE LINESTYLESCALE (enter scale value from reference file).
6. Save Settings.

Note: Master file custom line styles will also be affected by this change.

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group