SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10 Update 1 Release Notes

Release: January 2020

SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10 Update 1 ( contains the following improvements and updates compared to SOILVISION CONNECT Edition V10 (

New and improved features

Learn more about other recent improvements to the SOILVISION products on the SOILVISION Recent Improvements wiki page of Bentley Communities. SOILVISION products include SVDESIGNER, SVSOILS, SVSLOPE, SVFLUX, SVSOLID, and SVENVIRO.

OpenGround Cloud Borehole Import

Import into SVDESIGNER and keep updated borehole data from OpenGround Cloud (formerly

PLAXIS 2D Interoperability - Technology Preview

Transfer SVSLOPE, SVSOLID, SVFLUX, or SVENVIRO model geometry into PLAXIS 2D.

2D Dynamic Seismic Input for Slope Stability - Technology Preview

Solve dynamic seismic finite-element models and use the results in an SVSLOPE 2D limit-equilibrium analysis. This functionality adds to other standard seismic methods in SVSLOPE like Pseudo-Static Coefficients, Spectral Pseudo-Static, and Newmark.

Fix Region Geometry Tool

This action can fix most region geometry issues that cause problems with the model, such as gaps between regions, overhanging regions on the ground edges, extremely thin regions, and more.

Adjust Overlap Options

New options added for the Adjust Overlap operation in SVDESIGNER.

Export FOS as an Image and Mesh

New options to export FOS results as an image and mesh.

Copy MPA Lines

Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) lines can be copied from one SVSLOPE model to another.

DXF Export Mesh Support

DXF Export now supports meshes.

Custom Slice Shift

SVDESIGNER option added to shift the X axis coordinate system of a custom slice.

Piezometer time-value visualization

Piezometer time-value visualization added to SVDESIGNER.

Borehole Water Depth

Added water depth support for boreholes in SVDESIGNER.

Volume Legend Updates

Volume legend upgraded to display material names, colors, and textures in SVDESIGNER.

Apply Merge Distance Performance

Apply Merge Distance performance with very large data sets improved.

General Meshing Improvements

Various general meshing improvements implemented.

Large Mesh Improvements

Performance improvements when using large meshes.

Axis Position Offsets

Axis position offsets can now be defined in model coordinates.

Improved Trial Slip Surface Reporting

Improved trial slip surface reporting in SVSLOPE.

Hot Key Documentation

Help content added for hot keys available.

Fixed issues