2D2011.00: Default pore pressure calculation is taken from the previous phase instead from the paren

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
Issue statusOpen
First Affected VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
Found in VersionPLAXIS 2D 2011.00
Fixed and Released in Version
Issue #16034
Date created02 January 2012
Date modified24 October 2016

Problem description

When a new phase is introduced in a calculation, its pore pressure calculation type currently is taken by default from the previous phase in the phase list instead from its parent phase. This should not be the expected behaviour.

The correct inheritance behaviour should copy the pore pressure calculation type from parent phases to child phases, regardless of the phase positions in the calculation’s phase list


In the example illustrated below:


Despite that the current implementation might make it impossible to change the pore pressure calculation type after a re-parenting (change the phase it starts from), it is possible to correct this by an easy workaround.

This implementation will not present any inconveniences in some of the cases:

Unfortunately this issue will affect these phase types:

In order to solve the possible inconveniences resulting from this issue, please use the steps as explained below: